Monday, February 4, 2013

Gold diamond on Grey French tip, grey polish, cold weather gel nail, french nail, decoration pat, Cool Nail

Grey gel nail with Gold Diamond decoration pat

This gel nail gives clean and chic style.
I have posted many bling bling nail art so this time I am posting on simple but edgy style by the decoration pat.
Winter French gel nail.

During wintertime many people do full color or mix with French tip.
However if you want to do gel nail try more dark shade of gel polish.
Having the deep French tip would be better.

It is perfect deep gray gel French tip for cold weather.
This color goes absolutely well with other color or alone.
Also the color matches with everyone.
Help the hands to look clean and recommended to people whom like simple style.
There isn’t any cold feeling in this gel French tip.

Deep French nail is perfect for people who have to remove the damaged nail.
‘Revision’ is possible.
Doing a gel nail that can’t do revision has to do SOAK much earlier making you nails more damaged.
Do a gel nail that is possible for revision,

If you want simple and clean style, finish with deep French tip.
Wanting some point, add one deco pat.
Instead of having small decorations it is better to have one huge decoration to go well with simple but edgy gel nail.

There are several newly added deco pats for the costumers in Cool Nail.
One of them is this big Gold Diamond.

When you place this one, it gives the point definitely.
The nail and the body of the nail is big so it seems not too big.
However for small body nail this will fill in the space entirely.
It will look much better like a full accessory even though it’s covering the whole nail.

You don’t need any extra accessory!
The Gold color diamond goes well during this cold weather.
When you look actually the dimension of the decoration looks really pretty.
However for dimension deco pats have to be careful.
As they are pretty, it’s sensitive from outside stimulation.
So less stimulation among the five-finger is the ring finger.
People who have short body, having them in all full color and placing this diamond pat will look pretty too.

Everything is dry this time.
Face, hair, and hands
So during this dry condition cuticles rises better.
Makes you to cut the cuticles really short however in short term it will look clean.
However looking at the long term it will grow messy.
It’s better to remove the cuticles only on the surface to grow neater.

During dry season, hands are easy to get dry so moisturizes your hand better than before.
Not only using hand cream but with oil.
When you apply some oil on the cuticle area helps to moisturize better.
It isn’t so hard to moisture your hands.
Only needed items are hand cream and oil.
Helps to give more healthy and pretty looking nails and hands.

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