Friday, January 25, 2013

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Black& silver gel nail

During this warm sunlight try this black and silver gel nail!
Silver holds the darkness of black and black puts down the coolness of silver.
In vice versa this works really well

When you are applying dark polishes mix match with sparkling glitter polish so it doesn’t look too dark or heavy.
During launch time, the sun shines really strong so needing some cool color like glitter polish is needed to balance out.

Silver goes well for all different kinds of skin shade.
People who have reddish tone of hand will make the color appear in different shades.
However sliver is also good for reddish skin because some colors makes your skin to stand out more and the charming look of the colors are not shown.

This isn't a regular silver gel polish but similar to glitter that makes it really bling bling.
New stock of gel colors are available to our customers were they could enjoy the bling bling glitters.

As I have mentioned before, black makes your hand look whiter and cleaner.
So recommended to people who have different tone on their hands because of the sun burn.
For who have pale skin to look whiter
For who have warm skin to look attracting
For who have spotty skin to look clean,
So black itself is very useful in many ways.

The weather is cold and if you don’t like the coolness of this silver try changing to gold glitter.
Also same color of gold spangles should be applied.
However for reddish skin, instead of going for deep gold try out lighter gold color.

If you don’t like silver or gold glitters don’t apply the spangles but add some deco pats.
The mood can change according on what design of deco pats you used.
We have brought in new deco pats to decorate your nails even fancier than before.
When you want to give cool feeling during summer time apply silver in full and black in deep French tip.
Apply the spangles on the black deep French tip only.

Black goes well with any color of spangles however when you want to contrast the color dramatically, use bright spangles to give pop of color to your nails.

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