Wednesday, January 9, 2013

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Blue spangle gel nail

Blue color that was really popular during summer because of its coolness.
Since the weather is really cold costumers like to put black, brown or purple instead of blue.
So naturally the posting turns out into the deep tone of colors.
For people who like blue, this blue spangle gel nail goes well for winter.

This gel nail is not the color that is used mostly in winter, which the weather is freezing.
I have expressed the winter in blue theme and in scale of brightness also by using different colors.
Overall feeling is in blue but deep gray and silver has lessened the chill feeling and more on the bling bling feeling.
This glitters in blue looks really nice and for next summer using only this blue gel nail will look very charming.

Since its winter, gray tones and other dark shades were added for some heaviness but in summer using brighter tone is better.

The bodies of the nails are long and round so making the nails short and doing the French will not look too much.
In the picture as you can see deep French was done so using the blue color will not give off too much of cold feeling.
Also in winter doing it in full colors or gradation is lessens the feeling of coldness and of coarse different colors give different feeling.

If your nails are short and have small body it looks cute in full color and long nails in full color with star spangles will also look cute.
The spangles are commonly used to give a focus but this time it’s not a blue spangle to be the point but more on the harmony of the colors of using similar color as a base.
 Also the colors don't stand out too much from others.

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  1. This is so pretty! I wish our local salons offer a similar design. I'm so envious!

    1. When you come to Korea, try visiting this nail shop! It's awesome.
      or you could try them out with similar designs or using different color!