Sunday, January 6, 2013

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Red gel nail

With just the color and deco pat this red gel nail makes a modernize woman.

Red or black is applied more on the short nails so some people purposely shorten the length and long nails gives a strong sexual feeling. 
It depends on people, they might want to give a sexual feeling but otherwise short is prettier.
For short nails it give less edgy feeling. 
This red color gives a point and makes your nails lively.

For some people who want to apply red polish shorten your length and will look much cutter.

During summer your hands were exposed to the sun so it have become tan and spotty. 
In this case red gel nail covers the spotty and makes your hands to look clean.

For people who feels too much for red color, gradation gel nail or French nail is done frequently. If you want to feel the true colors of red apply in full color with deco pat.

 In this red gel nail big size of ribbon is added to give the definite look. 
It contrasts with red that gives the distinct point so no more accessories are needed.

The pat does not falls off easily. However the size is big so only thumb finger can apply and don’t worry with small body nails, we have small ribbons too. 
If you are going to do it in gel pedicure it gives a charming look.

The red color in the picture is not purely red but little bit of crimson color. 
This looks not erotic or too much.  
It make your hands to look clean. 
This is the right season to apply this kind of red as not too deep that might look stuffy.

Also this kind of red goes well for everyone so I would like to recommend for the red lovers!!

Round shape and short length makes it fewer burdens than a long and square shape.
Red color might get cheeped but with gel nail doesn’t so you don’t have to worry!!

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