Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mac Hey, sailor, lipstick salute, powder blush launch away

I saw this collection first through a website and didn’t have so much expectation.
This was similar to the color that I have.
I won't think it would be very useful for me or to other people when I am teaching them makeup.
I just when to Mac to greet my fellow friends.
When I saw other new collections,  eye shadows were new in color but have similar colors as for pencils and lip-gloss as well.
So I only took the lipstick.

Neutral peach Salute!

This neutral color looks like it will go well in any way you use but...
According to the skin shade it might not settling down.
Also depending on the lip color, could give different outcome of color.

People who have Peach Tok, this is little bit brighter.
During summer time in the beach
When you are wearing blue, green, or hot pink eye makeup, don’t apply the lipstick in gradation way but try to define the line of the lip.
So instead of having a pink lip apply this type of color so it looks chic.
I grab this color to use for that occasion.
Don’t worry about the blush.
Take away colorful blushes and contour your face with shading powder on the chin and bottom of the apples of the cheek.
This way helps to achieve a summer look without needing any makeup skills.

It doesn’t mean that this is useful for only in the beach.
You can still use it even though you don’t have any plans going to the beach.
Make sure to test it out.
Except during the testing don’t apply it whole amount to your lips.
Apply some on the tip on your finger and dap it in.

I didn’t buy but I recommend to test out this one blush!
You don’t know exactly where to use this but it’s really pretty highlighter powder.
I put it down by heisting for 1 minute.
I have similar color so pass.
However the real hesitation was on the powder blush!
I stared at it for a long moment.
The name is ‘Launch Away’
There was similar color that I had named ‘Cheek’ but I lost it.
I couldn’t get this color even when I asked my friend who lived in the States.
However one of my followers got it for me.
I was so thankful and use it really well.
The color looks really similar to ‘cheek’ blush.
I can’t really say it's 100% the same color because I tested only on back of my hands.
Blush tends out to be different color when you put it on your face.
I didn’t buy this because last time I bought similar color and I used only one blush.
So it was no use of buying similar color.
However you should test them out.
Especially people who have pale skin, make your skin look healthy.
I’m not sure if you can still find it…

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