Wednesday, January 9, 2013

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Black french criss cross pattern gel nail

Since the weather is cold deep colors starts to appear.
During summer neon or fancy colors has been used frequently but autumn and winter deep colors like wine, blue, kaki give the mood or bling bling style is also popular.
Especially, deep colors with bling bling glitter gel polish accomplish the fancy look.

During summer gave a point using black or glitter as a base.
During autumn and winter it brings up the desire of wanting to have black alone or matching with different colors are popular.

In the picture black gel nail is applied in full colors for all fingers and on top gave a sliver gel in French style.

If you use a color base gel and in French style it will make the short effect or give another new look for big body or long nails.
For people with short body and short nails will give shorter looking effect so adding a French pattern will give beauty of space.
The criss cross pattern lessens the weight of black and silver color shines under the sunlight.

The design looks simple but not too simple.
This design is the point that makes the black color to standout and gives famine look disregarding the criss cross pattern that goes well with the chic black.

Black and silver goes well for everyone not only with the colors but the design as well.
When you have applied a full color and giving a design at the edge will look heavy and short but giving an empty space by using the criss cross pattern makes it less heavy.

If you want to look famine and sexy I would like to recommend wine color since the wine color is the base of sexiness.
Also it is the popular color as well in autumn and instead of silver use gold color to bring up the luxury feeling.

Also not only the criss cross pattern but also different designs goes well with different colors.
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There are lots of designs that you could choose from and simple basic colors with simple style giving clean and sophisticated feeling.

During autumn and winter lots of people like to put dark colors so wanting to bring up the dark feeling and another charming look try to add some deco pats for a point. 
Deco pats with stones will bring up the dimension and draw out the style. 

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