Sunday, January 27, 2013

Recommended body lotion- Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter, Kiehl’s Cream de Corps Whipping Body Cream, Lee Tae Won/ Wonmijung, Siialegi rice soup

Body balm VS Body balm

I was addicted to pilling my skin during winter time.
So I tried different and many body lotion to nutrients my dry skin.
During those time I met these two body lotions.
These are Clinique and Kiehl’s

Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter 200ml/33,000won

I can still remember.
While I was walking through Sinsaegae department store in Gangnam, I grab this butter balm by only looking at ‘Deep comfort’ sign.

First of all the scent!
It’s hard to explain by words, it’s not too bad or no smell at all.
It’s a smell that I wouldn’t enjoy while in the bathroom.
The effect of moisturizer was really poor.
I applied in average amount but can’t experience any moisturize so had to apply a lot.
I nearly used it for a month by myself.
The biggest reason why I don’t like body balm is because I had to scoop the butter.
There is a spatula selling in Shu Uemura, which is really helpful tool to use.
(sorry for not taking the picture)
It’s made out of metal and flat spoon so easy to wipe after using it.

However I don’t like to use a spatula and even more worst is to use my finger.
Nevertheless I bought another body balm is because my skin was really dry and itchy.

It’s not even light or moisturizing.

Still my skin is itchy.
There is even same body lotion for this however looking at the body balm lotion won’t be so helpful.

Are there positive sides?
The price is cheap comparing to the cosmetic selling in department store.
However you might tend to use a lot so…
Another one is it absorbs fast even though it’s a body balm.
However I can’t really feel if I apply enough.

Kiehl’s Cream de Corps Whipping Body Cream 226g/58,000won

This was released first but I found it out after using the Clinique body butter.
I didn’t have interest because it was balm type but I was so dry I need to get one.
It stated whipping~ whipping~ cream so I was thinking what is it?
I was surprised when I put it on my hand
You might think the appearance and the texture would be like a whipping cream.
However not like a real soft whipping cream.
It’s very soft though with some elasticity. Never experience this kind of formula.
I really like the feeling when I touch it, like a soft ice cream.
When you put it on your skin, it spreads smoothly like a bubble.
Any way it’s a balm type.
Instead of wiping all the water after shower, pat the water so can absorb into the skin and apply this body balm to give more moisturizing effect.

I am crazy about the fragrant.
It’s a honey smell that I would like to scoop and eat it.
Smelling really sweet after applying to my skin.
It’s not light but I have no itchy effect!!!!
So happily I finished one bottle.
However I don’t feel moisturizing whole day except no more itchiness and dryness.

I bought it again last night!
I like every thing about this product but don’t like the balm type.
It would be better to put into pumping container but it has to be different from other products so has to put in a container to catch the eyes of the customers.
I was thinking of putting in a pumping container or do something about it...

However I really like the smell of honey butter so much!
People who like this smell would love this product.

As I get order, I like more rich moisture cream than non sticky less moisture cream.

Sorry for the interrupting with meat picture.
But I want to introduce inexpensive delicious restaurant.

This place is in Lee Tae won- Won Mi Jung
I would like to go there often if I have time.
Place: Young San Gu Lee Tae Won 92-9
Telephone: 02-798-7736

Said to be 20 years old.
I can’t really feel the history but compare to other meat restaurant it’s shabby.
I really don’t know but sometime when you eat here you can see real gangster.
It’s not like small town gangster but real people who can fight.
I don’t know why my taste of food is same as them…L
Why it has to be this restaurant…

I couldn’t take so many pictures because of the people around me.
They might think I don’t have manner or something because they are all elders around me.
So I took one picture for each dish.
Even if the picture didn’t turn out nice or not
I like Soy bean soup and pig kimchi soup tasted really deep and very in flavor.
It tasted like eating at my grandmother’s house.

Also Han woo (Korean cow)
When I tasted it, it melted in my mouth.
It wasn’t too sweet but just right.

I really recommend trying going to this restaurant if you want to taste the history of Korea culture.
The soup taste amazing!

After eating in this restaurant, for the dessert go to Hyatt Hotel.
In this hotel there is long history on Blue berry cheesecake, which taste really great!
After eating in a shabby place, recommended to eat dessert in Hyatt for change of mood.

Jong lo 5ga ‘Traditional Ssilaegi Rice Soup’
Place: Jong lo gu Yeongidong 65-2
Telephone: 02-3675-2444

It is only 3,000won!
I know Jong lo really well but this place is really inside the corner but also have parking lot.

They sell Ssilaegi soy bean rice soup.
There are enough mineral, vitamin, and protein.
It taste like my grandmother’s soup!
I really recommend to visit and taste the culture of Korea!

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