Sunday, January 20, 2013

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Idol gel nail

I have everything in my hands.
Different spangles and colors is all of my ten fingers.
This is the perfect idol gel nail for people who like bling bling and fancy style.

This customer likes very fancy style so her hands are fancy all the time.
She requested to give bling bling so gave her shiny spangles and did a star French gel nail.

When it was done she really loved and told us that it was like outer space created with blue color and mixture of spangles.
This was not done on purpose but she was really satisfied.

She likes her nails to be short because of the work she is doing.
However there is no problem because her body of the finger is large so adding a spangle and deco pats has no problem.
The advantage of short nails is that even doing the fancy and really bling bling style it doesn’t look exaggerated.

In winter, full color is done more than French gel nail and for big body nails only doing it in full colors might look heavy so mixture of French and full color is better.

If you see this actually glitter shines off nicely from the natural lights and spangles shines softly.

The most important part is the mixture of the colors with spangles.
There are 3 different colors and with different shapes and color of spangles might look messy.
So it’s important to match the spangles and the base color.

Same color of spangles was added on pink color to give the unity.
When base and spangle color is different could give point to the style so we gave a point with blue color and feminine soft look with pink color.
People who think gel nail is too much would be better to unite base color with the spangles like the pink nails.

Same with gold star spangles on the silver gel polish.
While adding the star spangles on the dark color give definite point.
However this time placing on the sparkly silver color was to achieve shining softly look.

This is recommended for people who like bling bling style!!

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