Monday, March 4, 2013

[Recommended moisture cream] mist, nutrient cream, inexpensive cream, winter moisture cream, mango seed butter, melting cream and Nature Republic, Bee venom

I am posting on moisture cream, nutrient cream, and mist, which I tested.
All the products are from the inexpensive makeup brands as you think.
I tested many cosmetics and in criterion is for middle type skin.
The products that I am introducing today are for people who use toner and cream right under during the wintertime to have enough moisture.
You don’t need to apply many cosmetics during winter time to maintain the moisture in the skin.
Real winter moisture and nutrient cream won’t need extra cosmetics to support them.
Just changing the summer moisture cream to winter cream makes the skin feel more comfortable.
However if just changing the cream doesn’t work, try applying emergent (lotion) to give more effect.
If that doesn’t work, try using some facial mask.

However for oily skin type, apply on the area only where you feel dry.
If you apply to your whole face, might give some spots being too oily.

The Face Shop Mango Seed Silk Butter 50ml/ 22,900won

Made with organic mango seed butter giving moisture lifting (anti-againg)
I don't expect to give anti aging effect but when it gives good moisture helps the wrinkles to look disappeared.
The scent could smell inexpensive but past the boundary line so I like this smell.
It’s strong not in a bad way.
I won’t say so much.
I like the moistening effect.
It will help in cold winter days.

Nature Republic Forever Lasting Precious Melting cream

Every time when I looked at the product, it was on sale for half price.
I don’t think I can buy with a proper mind for a full price.

Said to preserve baby skin and anti aging
However it’s just moisturizing cream!

It’s moisturizing and when you buy it for half a price it’s worth it.
The moisturizer isn’t too rich so can be used from now to spring.

I have chosen the best moisturizing creams so take some memo and try them out in the store to pick the best moisture cream.

Comparing to the moisture, it isn’t too rich so could use it all the way to spring.

I will introduce to you some creams.
However when you can’t tell what is good or bad don’t go around testing the products during this cold weather,
just buy this cream for half a price and use it.
It all matters when the skin feels relaxed.
It’s inexpensive so it’s bargain!
When you feel too dry after launch time, it will really help to use with emersion making you feel lot better.

Missha Super Aqua Ultra Nutritious Cream 47ml/24.000won

Deep premium and high nutrient cream with over moisturizing
I don’t know what is premium but this was the richest cream among the inexpensive cosmetics that I have tested.
So this moisture and nutrient cream is recommended for dry type skin to use during wintertime.
I am only recommending to dry type not to oily type so don’t always focus on the word recommended.
This is pass over being moisturizing so might be too rich for other people skin type.
Test other two products above this product than this one.
This product is better than cosmetics selling on department store so dry skin type should try this out.

Nature Republic
The First eyecream

I wasn’t about to post eye cream but I will.

This contain whitening effect around the eyes…
However it doesn’t work.

So why do I post this?
This is a product for moisturizing around the eyes.

If you are bored with the eye cream you are using and looking for inexpensive product, try this item.
I said it but I saw R.N.D Lab eye cream sell for 50%
My Metoday followers told me about this information so thanks to them.
I was surprised how fast my followers know about this information.
Thanks again.

Nature Republic Mist Bee Venom Essence

I was crazy about Nature Republic products.
Few days ago, I didn’t have any skin care cosmetics to use so I went to COEX mall and looked around.
There weren’t any products to buy in Nature Republic but now, there are many new products to use.

This was nice to use during the wintertime.
During working time, the heater is always on so it makes the skin really dry.
Also I can’t turn it off because it gets too cold and I can’t handle it.
So I spray some mist to my dry face.

This is just right to use without any worries.

The reason is that…
The formula is just right.
Usage is just right
So can be use for a everyday mist.

I think this might be out of stock.
I didn’t buy any extra and I can’t just go right away because the weather is too cold.
So people who can go out in this cold weather should try getting this mist!

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