Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lucky Chick foot and leg cream

Best cream for legs!!

Lucky Chick is made as professional body products loved by many Hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Love Hewitt.
Contains cool mint and aloe, which is the best among leg creams.
I have used several of leg cream and this is my conclusion.
There aren't any products that are better than this at the moment. 
It states to help and effective in flowing the blood in the legs when you feel tired for a whole day.
But I can't really see if there is active blood flow so its hard to trust.
However when you try it there is no question to ask!!
You could feel it yourself.
After a shower when the skin is moisturized, massaging with this cream makes the heavy legs feels lighter.

My rough legs became smooth because of the seer butter is contained.

Lucky Chick foot and leg cream costs 3,5000won
I have always obtained from someone but these days, you could buy it through internet.
I think there are many imports of this product in Korea.
Don't search with the whole name but just type 'Lucky Chick'

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