Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pink multi gel nail, glitter gel nail, gradation, spangles, purple nail, Cool Nail

Pink Purple gel nail

Recommended to people who like feminine style with bling bling design should try this nail.
Her nails before was really fancy so also for this time, she didn’t want simple look.
She is very feminine and which she loves the wedding theme nail folder.
Brides who are getting ready for the wedding, there is a spread folder of WEDDING Nail Arts.
These choices of nail arts are not only for brides but also for people who prefer feminine style.
 As the nails are recommended for formal ceremony, there is control of fanciness and neatness.
It doesn’t mean only brides could do or see these nail arts.
It’s for everyone.
We just spread into different categories for the costumers to see the different theme of nail arts.

Usually not many people do pink tone during winter however she likes to be really feminine so we did her with pink tone.
So according to the theme of pink tone; pink gel color, pink glitter gel, pink spangles, and gradation with purple color was used to give more winter feeling.

There are glitters, glitter gel and spangles but doesn’t make too much because all of them are matched with pink tone of color.

Especially she likes the spangles and the gradation.
Doing the base with light pink and adding different spangles to create gradation.
Also color gradations itself have its charming look.

When you like want to do bling bling nails with variety of items try out with pink gel nail.
Pink it self could look too cold however with some glitters you will be far from being cold.

When you look at the picture you could see that body of the nails are all different.
There are different lengths according to the person.
People who have long nail body have the skin attach all the way to the end.
So unless you are cutting out the skin, you can’t make it short.
She didn’t want her nails to be long but wanted really short.
In balancing out the nails have to match to the longest body nail however she didn’t mind about not being all equal but just short as possible.

It doesn’t look too bad when you are adjusting the length to be short.
Some people with dramatic difference talk to the nail artisan for adjusting the length.

In gel nail the importance is doing SOAK instead of gel nail.
Many people visit our Cool Nail to do safe soak.
Most of them have experience some damage from the gel polish so they would come to do the soak.

When you experience damaged nails by doing gel for once or twice, is because the soak wasn’t done properly.
First of all if you want to have safe soak, gel polish should have applied properly.
Before melting the gel polish, piling is done before and this stage is very important.
It depends on how much you pile so could reduce the damage.
Soak is done according to the skill of the nail artisan so don’t forget about the importance of the SOAK.

Professional nail shop, ‘Cool Nail’ provides very safe SOAK and colors your pride as well.

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There are over 1,000 different nail arts and nail polishes.
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