Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mac Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm Compact, Chanel CC Cream Correction Complete

Mac Prep  + Prime BB Beauty Balm Compact SPF30/PA++ 8g/48,000won

I had Mac BB before and didn’t use it.
Even though this was new, I didn’t look at it however instead of being BB balm it was in ‘compact’ so looked at it.
When you are comfortable doing revision of the makeup, there isn’t any merit to the compact.
However many of our pupils learning makeup looks for compact so I have to also look at them when new one is released.

When you open the case this is it.
You could just see the cream type product straight away.
Of Corse there is a piece of sheet and round puff on top.

‘Oh, so is this telling me to use the dirty sheet of paper through out this product’

After using for three days, accidently I left a mark on the BB cream with my nails and tear the sheet of paper.
So you could see some marks did by my nails on the picture.
I had to put puff right on top of the product however it got so dirty and had to throw away the puff…

Was I too careless?
However for a product that is 8g for 48,000won the covering sheet is too weak.

Standing in front of the mirror holding the product on left hand and holding puff on other hand where should I do with the white paper?
Should I bite it with my mouth and do the makeup?

I want to hear some solutions from Mac.

I felt that it would dry up while I was taking a picture.
The application isn’t too bad however compare to the Chanel compact, there is a big difference being dry.
I am talking about the Chanel compact in the past days than comparing to the renewal Chanel compact.
 I took the picture when it was new but you can't see any glossiness.
The coverage is just so so.
It is little bit better than being without makeup.
Helps to even out the tone of the face however don’t expect to cover blotches or any spots.
When you apply some more to do some coverage, it won’t sit on the face making it drier.

Light/ light plus/ extra light

Who should use these color?!

The colors are too limited.
I bought the lightest color (extra light)
However during the summer time, I’ve got some tan by doing water ski so this doesn’t go really well on me.
You just have to give up on being brightening and expect to have just even out skin tone.
Among the colors I don’t know if the person have not too light or dark skin.
It will give a head ache to pick from these choices.

I am using Piccasso Brush mini foundation brush FB15 from Champaign.
As always, the dust settle onto the compact and as more I use it dries up.
I will try to use it as much as possible and than take away the product and use it as a mirror.

In the picture, the nails are in square shape but  did you know the  trend is to do in round shape? so when you go to the nail shop, try it out!

Chanel CC Cream Correction Complete SPF30/PA+++
30ml/ 70,000won

What is CC cream?
As everyone was into BB cream I was thinking of creating CC cream and sell it.
I didn’t know it would come out.

This CC cream in Chanel website, is categorized in ‘skin care’
Is it some kind of marketing to sense the customers with some skin care formula?

In Chanel, they say that this is more multi product advanced than BB cream.

Meaning that this is a truly new product.

This isn’t really new.
Not really.
When I looked at it first I was shock that they would create a CC cream maybe because BB cream is so in trend.
I was disappointed on the high image of Chanel.
Is it a last pride not to release their product as BB cream as have what Mac did?
I was standing there and thinking all kinds of things.

Should I buy it or not?
I test it and felt too dry told by my skin cells but I bought it…
I don't know why I did it.

Five effects said by Chanel in this CC cream.
Relief – yeah right
Moisturize- really dry that it amplifies your wrinkles
Protection- protection from the sunlight! It’s 30 so I have to believe it works.
Prevention- what is this? Do I having some attack from the outside environments?
I am not sure…
Is it like from the dust or cold wind??
It won’t so hard to understand if you have said from stimulation however don’t give us more fear from this dangerous world we are living in.
What about the attack form dryness? It won’t even fight but leads the dryness.

Also lastly,
It evens out the skin tone however I would rather use a sunblock.
I bought no.20 beige, which there is only one color.
It was really dry but bright.
People who are suffering from oil and have pale skin would be better to use this product.
The reason is that it makes your face brighter.

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