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Chanel foundation:Le Blanc Light Mastering White Fluid,

Chanel Le Blanc Light Mastering White Fluid Foundation SPF25/PA+++

This is a foundation that gives whitening.
As I have always said before, I don’t expect on the effect.

I used this to test out the texture when is apply onto the skin.
The bottle itself shows the characteristic of this product.

Most of  the foundation bottles are clear and made out of smooth glass on the surface.
-       This isn’t transparent incase have rough texture surface glass.
The first characteristic of foundations about 99% in Korea meets the customers by the case itself.
When the bottle is translucent, it states moisturizing and glowing product.
(I mean not that moisturizing, it’s hard to be moisturizing)
Also not translucent bottles are soft and matte products.
So Chanel foundation was in under this matte product by the look of the case and why did I buy it???
I am not sure what happen to me during that time…

I tried this foundation with new foundation brush.
There were so much brush strokes left behind.
I don’t know if my skill turned into beginner mode after sleeping or the brush is crazy.
I didn’t doubt on the Chanel foundation.
However when I used this brush on other foundation…
Oh… Oh! I have met the worst expensive foundation Chanel Whitening!

When I was applying this product, I saw many brush strokes left on my face.
So I changed back to my normal Piccasso FB 15 brush taking about 1 minute to hold it my hand.
When I looked at the mirror, it was already dry.
The brush stokes are already settled onto the face like a face painting.
 What is happen… and can feel the darkness coming over me.

So I tried to fix it as much as possible and went out
The finish wasn’t soft but too dry and not settles down.
If the problem was on the pores might be more emphasize and stuck between the holes.
I have some problem with blotches and some scars left on the skin.
I didn’t have stress about makeup getting erased or being dry.
So if the foundation was not settling down, it means that this foundation can be a foundation.
I focused more on the basic cosmetics and trying to control the amount but there wasn’t any difference.
No reasons to look into further more.
Before even I open my door the foundation are not settled and all the fine furs on my hair are doing artistic movement….
It is so dry that I have felt it for a very long time.
I hate being dry and in addition, emphasize the wrinkles on the forehead too.
When you focus on the skin care about twice more you might able to relive the inside skin dryness.
However the surface of the skin isn’t

I am not dry skin person.
During summer it cam be averaged type or average oily type skin.
So I don’t recommend this to dry skin people!
Same for middle and mixed skin.

How about…
Oily skin that are always oily for 365days???
Thick skin surface, dull color, large pores, blotches, couldn’t take care of keratins
Above all the characteristics I don't recommend this product!
However for people who have perfect complexion with oily skin could use this product however try on testing on half of your face before you purchase it!

My skin is pale but have some yellowish color so used pink beige BR20.
However BR20 made my skin look more yellow.
Not only this product but also when your face is white don’t pick just any brightest color products.
When you want your face to look more pure and light you have to notice what kind of white color it is.

Another Chanel foundation that I am going to talk about are Vitalumiere Foundation and Lift Lumiere Foundation.
These two are described differently when I visited different stores in Gangnam.
Some say Vitalumiere foundation is more moisturizer than Lift Lumiere foundation or vice versa.
So the result of using these two foundations can matter on the skin care.
During the application it feels the same, as they are all liquid.
However looking after application they are both moisturizing.
Sometimes I get confuse with the emotion on that particular day so I used it alternately.
I am more satisfied with Lift Lumiere Foundation.
Not only gives great complexion but with some coverage!
There isn’t so much a difference but helps on the coverage faster than Vitamin foundation.
Also it said to have some lifting effect but I don’t think it helps.
Comparing Vitamine foundation to Korean foundations’ is better.
When you have the skin that is suitable for this foundation, I will give up on coverage and use Vitalumiere Aqua.

The reason why I talk so many about Chanel foundations was to talk about the color.
Both of these foundations are satisfying but I don’t use it often because of the color.
I am satisfied with usage.
Normally when the shade of the foundation settles down and feeling of texture is nice might give you a thought of repurchasing.
However as the usage is great you have to find a color that perfectly matches your face.
There is variety of colors in Lift Lumiere and Vitalumiere foundations but most of them are yellow base.
There aren’t bright pink.
When I put it on my face, it could give brightness but can’t take away the yellowish color.
It would be also problem to be so pale or too much pink (aside from concept makeup)
You have to mix enough amount of color to make your white skin to look much healthy and beautiful.
I mix foundation color in front of my students who are learning makeup to make them do it so they could find a true color for their skin.
It won’t be so easy at first but practice makes perfect.

On the other hand Vitalumiere Aqua have pink base color.
It is moisturizing but it lacks on coverage so test it out if it satisfies your skin.

Korean foundations are stronger in beige tone rather than yellow.
It sure clams down the redness but doesn't give brightness or beautiful skin color.
Some times it can look dull. (not all products are like that)
Also when the time passes, it brings back our original skin color and might think of darkening as well.
Just keep in mind.

I bought this refill few days ago among the pink beige products

In Chanel foundation this goes well with me in terms of coverage, color, and application.

Giving up on little coverage is Vitalumiere Aqua…
Giving up on color is Lift Lumiere foundation
But instead of using Lift Lumiere foundation without giving non-lifting effect I bought this foundation again.

This is Chanel Allure Rouge 167 Super
It was limited edition and many people ask me similar color to his rouge
I can’t find products that give this much satisfaction.
This isn’t used normally so doesn’t make this a lot.
I went to the store to buy new lipstick and I found Rouge 65
The colors of the rouge are shown in the picture.
I can’t say that it’s 100% the same and Super is more brighter but when you see the application it’s similar.
No. 65 has more reddish pink tone but on the lips look really similar with Super and 65 looks prettier.
No.167 have more fun of color but when your skin isn’t smooth or among the tone of the face might not look settled.

There were many comparisons between Shu Uemura Neon Fuchsia and Super.
However it lacks on persistency than Chanel also rises the keratins on the lips so I don’t really like Shu Uemura lip products.
From the outside this might look much similar but applying on the lips no.65looks more alike.

Seven Liner

I went to the car center to change the engine oil.
So I was about to turn around after 3mins and saw this product giving free tryouts.
I heard it about it and went to try out.
I take away my boots and did the massage.
I felt little shy, as I was the only girl in this car center.
While waiting for the car I tried this about pass 10mins and put my feet on the boots be carefully folding the jeans.

I shouted out and people looked at me but denied them and just looked normal.

This wasn’t the same feeling I had this morning.
There were some spaces between even though I was wearing a jean.

These days I am so tired so tends to get easily swollen.
Normally I don't get swollen even though I eat noodles at night.
However I get swollen from eyes all the way down to my feet.

I got some culture shock that I felt some change after less then 15mins.
Normally I like to get some massage not only for diet effect are reliving swollen body.
But like the feeling of lightness and freshness after
So if Seven Liner gives this much effect and helps blood circulation, takes away the swollen body it will be very useful.

However I don’t feel so fresh like the massage I used to get so I am still thinking whether to purchase it.

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