Friday, February 8, 2013

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Pink Glitter Gradation gel nail

This gel nail art is for people who want to have gentle feeling and gives advantage on having diverse nail decorations as possible such as pads, spangles and glitters.
People who like clean and soft style nail arts should try this pink glitter gel nail art.

This is not hot pink but tone down with Indi pink, which brings out more feminine feeling.
This is done in gel polish  to give extra glossiness.
There are two reasons why people do this gel nail!
For the persistency and unusual glossiness

Normal coloring tends to cheep off within few days but there are some cases where it stays longer.
However when you leave for several days your nails will turn yellow and gets really dry after removing so it’s better to remove within a week.
Gel nail is possible for maximum of two weeks and with nail revision a month is possible.
It’s very glossy from the start to doing soak.
So you can’t really deny the fact of glossiness of gel polish.
The glossy texture makes the nails to look brighter.

Especially in this picture the soft color of the glitters helps to achieve charming look.
Some people might think that fancy art or bold design nail arts on gel nail is too much however it not it.
Instead of fancy design nail art there are more people who prefer soft nail arts.

Particularly men are favor with this kind of gel nail style.
The pink tone with the glitter goes well together that reflects from the light makes it shiner without too much effect.

This gel nail art can be used for the bride, which goes well with any wedding dresses.
If there is little bit of lace use some deco pats!

This gradation nail is good for people who have damaged the edge of their nails to grow new nail.
There are some gel nails that can do revision’ and not also if you want to adjust the length of the nails talk to nail artisan.
They will do the gel nail according to your preference. 

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