Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Recommend very useful nail polishes!

I chose vivid colors on the nail shop where I like to go.
Two of these products are from Creative nail polish.
I got the name and the number for people who might ask me what color I used but when I came home and check it, it was all sold out.

My brother told me it was exact color as like the animation character.
I didn't realize when I colored my nails until my little brother told me.

I should try on dark colors, as there are many scratches and cheeping.

Today’s topic is…
First I will skip the base coat and the topcoat on the left side.
These colors are bought from Etude on sale for 500won each.
Now this is sold for 2,000won each and was sale 50% but I got them
For 500won each…
What a surprise..
I didn’t realize until I came home and think about it…

One day,
I cleaned up my nail polishes inside the box.
I paid a lot of money but I didn't get to use it and some of them dried out.
So I have to throw them out.
I usually use two to three nail polishes that I often ware.
So when I clean it and open other box, I found these three nail polishes.

Etude House Pretty Darling HD Beam 2,000won
Personally I don’t like Etude House nail polishes.
Occasionally there are some pretty colors and when I want to mix match colors with other nail polish from other brands these come in.
From the left side
BR302Creamshu, Or203PomelonSlush, BR301ChocoSlush
Those colors are little bit different
You can use it alone but when you use together it looks great with each other.

In case of Creamshu, it gives a naïve looking and goes well with clean neat suit.
It is milk beige almost skin color that you can wear it anytime and a color that you must have.

Grapefruit Slush
Orange color that goes well for summer and all other seasons
It isn’t vivid color but little bit milky.
The color is pretty to polish for all nails.
It doesn’t matter what shade of skin you have it goes well for all!
Also it’s easy for beginners to paint their nails with this polish.

Lastly, Choco Slush
It is dark as wine color or black so when you apply to your nails looks chic feeling.
Well there is no more words to say for this polish, it’s just great.

I painted my nails like this!

This isn’t gradation or anything.
I choose the colors from only one brand so the color doesn’t match perfectly but making the orange color the focal point bright color, pale color, and dark color were colored.
It was finish with only 1,500won
This price is sale price so for regular price it’s 6,000won..:(
It reminds me of MNM chocolate.

When you are applying nail polish don't do the nail colors same as other hand.
Like the picture 123 123 123 123 123 follow this pattern and continue to the right hand so it looks pretty.

How do I pick nail polish???
First of all, the way of picking nail polish from department store and inexpensive store is different.
First of all I don't try on nail polish in inexpensive store, because you can’t really pick pretty colors, there aren’t great differences.
So I look at the arrangement of nail polish for 5 minutes and match the colors that goes well with each other.
The colors come into your eyes look closely because there are many colors.
You don’t really have to touch it but just look through the glass bottle.
Pick only the colors that look great with each other. Think only about the combination of the colors.
After picking the colors that goes well with each other think of each nail polish if it goes well alone.
Than purchase the product.
You will never regret your decision!

#Especially for different shade of pinks
Before you go to the shop, apply each one on the paper and compare the new pink polish next to each other.
When you purchase by looking at the product only might end up buying similar shades of pink.

On the department store the nail polish that you buy less than 30,000won
You look at the nail polish each if it’s pretty and think about if it’s worth buying it.
Especially for the nail polish that cost 2,000won don’t look separately but by together.
That’s how I pick nail polish different from other people.

It is easy to waste money by buying cheap nail polish so think about it if it will go with other nail polishes.

When you pick the colors that work well alone or together won’t be easy for the first time but as the time passes you will be better at picking colors.


  1. I really love your colour combos and the dark brown one is my favourite! xo


    1. thank you!
      following the pattern will be great help when you are applying different color nail polishes.

  2. Replies
    1. me too! the orange and the pale color go well with each other by balancing out.:)

  3. Very pretty colors.

    PS. Thank you for your comment on my blog and would love to follow each other if you like. Hope to hear from you soon.

    <3 Marina