Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gold star on black gel nail, black gel polish, full gel nail, gold/silver star, Cool Nail

For summer I always did bright French nail or gradation gel nail but autumn has come so I did dark color & full color gel nail.
On summer dark color gets easily hot and full color might look heavy which it doesn’t bring out the cool feeling.
So lot’s of people do french nail or gradation nail.
During autumn many people do gradation or full color to give warm feeling.

Star spangles are made up with gold and silver colors in which gold color gives warm feeling also going well with black.
Even Silver goes well with black but gives cool feeling so during autumn gold spangle is more popular.

For people who have reddish hand applying a silver spangle gives a cool feeling so lessens the reddish looking hand.

Normally we hand paint or use a stamp to give a star shape but to give more bling bling effect we have added spangle stars.
For our Cool Nail costumer for autumn hand we prepared star spangles.
Also spangles of gold and silver is not the only color,
Under the lights it gives off different color.

People who are into spangles I have posted 365days of spangles.
In full color, gradation, or French nail.

Also not only the sharp pointy stars but also round oval spangles give a suitable space not making it to compact with each other.
The color as well for the oval gives a cool feeling, which don’t look too heavy.

Using a star spangle for a pedicure is also great!
In small size of toenails it’s better to do a gradation because the weather is not fully cold.
People who have small toenails it’s better to give a deep French for the first big toe only and full color for the rest.

If silver stars were for summer, gold stars are for autumn and winter.
Also for if you want to look neat put a full color and apply some star spangles. 

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