Tuesday, December 18, 2012

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Nail art for Christmas!
You can just see it from the nail that it is for Christmas!
It is just a right timing to do Christmas nails.
This is done in gel so lasts really long!
It will be always better to do Christmas nail before the d-day.

The color reminds of during Christmas is
Red and Green
With a Rough doff face
It’s just a perfect Christmas nail!
It isn’t too much or too less just right enough amount of nail art.

The rough doff face was drawn and you can see different color used for antlers of rough doff.

Adding glitter on top of green and red color gives more shiny effect.
Only green and red color is nice but adding some different type of glitter on different color makes it more fancy.
Also there are different sizes of glitters giving different styles.

This nail is done in deep French style so revision of the nail is possible.
For people who want to grow out their weak nails out and grow new healthy nail is perfect to do this type of nail art.
You can keep this cute Christmas nails as long as you want but it will be hard to control the length of the nails because of the rough doff picture.

When you think about the revision it can last until 4 weeks.
So this is good to start off from a short nail to out into long nails.

People who don’t no about gel revision I will talk about it
After having the gel nail for several days, the nail grows from that there is a empty space inside.
During the revision, that empty space is filled in.
However color gel can’t do revision, due to stains so only transparent, like deep French or French nail can do.
People who needs to grow out new healthy nails needs to do gel nail that can do revision.

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