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Recommend to oily type skin! - Chanel Double Perfection, pressed powder/ Piccasso powder brush

                                                                                                          Even oily skin to feel light!
Chanel Double Perfection

This is press type powder foundation.
It is different from regular transparent powder.
This can be use after sunscreen, primer, or base and be finish with it.

Only from range of people who have fair skin
This is more like a very thin press powder instead of being powder foundation.

It applies really lightly.
Using the sponge inside not too much of strength isn’t needed to apply thinly.
Also it really settles into the skin.
The finish isn’t that smooth so can tell that you didn’t use much of powder.

People who purchase Dior or Chanel saying that it applies to thick it makes me sad to hear.
Powder has to give more attention than foundation!!
Have to control the strength when you are applying!!
So with the little amount you can see the effect and show less amount of makeup.

I bring a foundation but leave my foundation at home. However the reason I bring this powder with me is less dry compare to other press powder.
I don't apply powder all over my face so feel less dry.
Also I am seeing less dry with my eyes.
I have used powder but I see really thin layer of powder on the inner side of my cheek (of corse you need some technique to do it)

I don't recommend to people who have dry skin.
Also don’t purchase a powder if you are really dry.
There are many liquid foundations that finish not too oily so even it little expensive it’s better to find a foundation that goes with your own skin.

People who want to use powder and having middle or oily skin wanting to cover some oil are recommended.

If you are finish with the foundation than using the sponge inside the case, don’t rub it too hard or enforce too much strength.
Lightly only once
Press down the powders thinking of applying only once and don’t pat.
Skin- foundation- powder thinking of combining those three components lightly press down.

Control the amount of foundation and apply lightly but with adhesion.
When you can do that, don't have to look for moisturizing powder.
How can be powder moisturizing?
If you are looking for one, don’t use a powder because you can’t really find one.

People who have blotches and can’t be satisfy with the foundation and concealer I want to recommend this powder!
It can’t cover all the blotches but when you apply thinly with adhesion than you can achieve not too thick coverage.
Also it’s a powder so can control the oil as well.

People who don’t have blotches and using this pour some water on the sponge and squeeze the water and it’s more comfortable to use than a foundation.
It applies prettier than by patting the powder.
It’s light but applies with adhesion.
The finish isn’t that moisturizing than foundation so recommended to people who likes matt and soft feeling.

This has SPF 10
What~ it is better not to put it or put it properly..
It won’t help a thing of protecting the skin from the sun.

I bought a brush.
I have many powder brushes but the reason why I purchase is that there are several questions on “Can I use a brush for press powder??”
Yes you can

The brush shouldn’t be so soft as it has to have some amount.
The powder gets cluster in the soft hairbrush.
Also large size of powder brush isn’t that great.
It will end up wasting the powder.

Piccasso 103-A
The shape of the brush is fat overall.
It looks like a mike.
This is similar to white color brush that I posted before in bruxhes review but little bit rounder.
This brush has different dimension.
One side is wider and other side is narrower and little bit fatter.
Comparing to other brush the end part is rounder.
The hair is made with natural hair but little bit tension so it’s stong.
Especially this is used for press powder and loose powder.

When you already have a brush, it’s fine to use what you have.
I recommend to people who want new powder brush.

First of all
When you are using a loose powder!
The hair is really soft so applies without stimulation.

When you are using pressed powder!
You don’t have to sweep lot’s of times like loose powder,
only one sweep with using the large surface are of the brush will work.
For other types of powder have to control the amount on your hand but for this brush, it takes only the amount need so directly apply to your face.
(however for the loose powder have to control the amount.)

There is another way of applying…
Normally sweeping lightly with the brushes is regular method and the puff is for pressing and patting.
However Piccasso brush 103-A has one side larger than other with tenacity.
(great difference with soft  hair with tenacity and rough hair with tenacity.)
When you are applying loose powder, it’s same as before but for pressed powder take enough amount of powder onto the brush and hold the brush in 45degree angle and lightly press it with some strength.
Even tough the brush is standing; the hair is lying down so applies delicately
Use the large surface dimension of the brush like a foundation brush with a feeling of giving tenacity.
Also think of the surface area like a ‘puff’ so instead of patting, press lightly with the powder and your finish.

People, who don’t like powdery feeling, slightly sweep on the area by standing the brush on the place of T zone where oil is activating the most.
After your done using it, sweep off the powder on the brush and put on the pen cap for storage.
Also the size is perfect for portable.
The size isn’t larger than the hand so it’s great to put it on the pouch.

The methods review on the powder isn’t always applied to the Chanel product so try it out to other products.
I couldn’t buy all the powder and tell you each one of them so if you try out with your powder, you will find a way that you like.
Achieve a flawless looking skin on regularly using powder with little bit of change on application!.

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