Sunday, March 10, 2013

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Pretty- Very Pretty

Get popular by having V cut bling bling style

This is finished V cut gel nail without too much fancy style.
The point on the gel nail gives edgy style.

What is V cut?
People who are into decoration pats should have heard about it.
The stone itself isn't flat and by using 3 stones to create V shape is known to be V cut.
It helps to look bling bling in any direction.

People who are into V cut are hard to resist the glamorous effect.
Anyone would love this decoration pat.
It goes well with fancy nail style but also putting on the feminine style nail could give edgy and modern style.

In this gel nail style, V cut decoration was on top of each hand as it is the main focus.
Usually decoration pats are placed on the index finger, which is used a lot of times however V cut stones were on the fourth finger.
The stones are pointy so can get hurt by rubbing your eye.
However when you are be careful person, recommended to do it on the index finger.

The beautiful part about this V cut decoration is to shine off at any angle.
It can change the mood by the color combination.
On the left finger; red, yellow, and blue
On the right finger; pink, white, and opal

On the pink color, tone down decoration was used and on the brown color; strong color of decoration pats was used.

In Swarovski, the stone is cut very sharply that could bring some harm when you are not be careful with it.

The V cut stone definitely give point to this mixture of pink and brown gel nail.

It will also look great as gel pedicure.
However during this cold weather when decoration won’t be helpful to the shoes you are wearing.

Talking about this pink and brown gel nail, it works really nicely without fancy decoration.
Not being aware of myself I talked too much about V cut stone. Haha

This is glitter pink but added some pink gel on top.
Fine glitter will work but in this gel nail we need thick glitter to go well with decoration.

I really want to recommend this to women who like fancy gel nail!

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