Friday, March 15, 2013

Pearl gel pedicure, black gel polish, pedicure, edgy and modern style, Cool Nail

The pearl gives more feminine feeling than being glamorous.
Also it gives elegant look.
Placing only the pearl might look boring so adding some stone will relieve that boringness.
When you differentiate the sizes will look much prettier.

The mood changes according to the base color you apply.
Black color helps to achieve edgy modern women style.
Matching with the light pink base will look very feminine.

As it is a pedicure doing with black color makes it look very modernize.
It really helps to emphasize the pearls making it very fancy pedicure.

Again I was into pearls too much talking only about that.

People who like to wear light color polish would be hard to try on black polish.
However it’s different for pedicure.
It doesn’t look too much than the manicure and makes the feet look clean and white.
People who have uneven skin color will look organize and clean than before.
So when many people try on black nail polish, they would be hard to get rid off the charming black color.

Among our customers when they aren’t so comfortable with black polish, they would try to do pedicure first and when they feel comfortable, they usually go for French tip to full coloring.
It won’t take these entire steps for every people.
But when they try on black polish, they would know the magic of the black color and fell love with it.
It isn’t an accident for pearls meeting black color.

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