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Nail color recommendations - Recommendations in the winter and sparkling nail polish! / Collectible full manicure! / Chanel cruise collection 2010 nail color reubereuni Riva (RIVA) / Cheong-dam bongo_2012 / 12 / 27

Who says 
one should do only dark and deep makeup in winter?

I don’t remember which posting says like this…but the nail color about which many requested after showing some posting is this one!

This nail color gained popular these days after female entertainers including Shin Min-A (Korean actress) showed this on TV.
Every nail care shops has this color…it is very common and it also looks good on toes… it is shown every streets.

It’s green when you glance it.
Some may call it green… but it’s true emerald!
It was my favorite color when I was 7 years old.

I remember seeing crayon labeled ‘emerald’.
I guess it’s the oldest memory of all time.

Emerald…I think it’s the vaguest color in the world. 
It may appear green to some and blue to others.
It’s very hard to make a standard of what’s emerald. 
So here goes the tip.

1. Search ‘emerald’ on Google.
2. There might be papers of emerald color.
3. Imagine little brighter and purer color. That’s emerald.

The reason I don’t want to use the word ‘bluish green’ is that it may make you think of it as a thick color…
For sure, it’s a pure and bright colored nail polish.
You can check it with the bottom picture.

Do you see the comb pattern on my nail?
It’s even torn... I got terror on my nail at nail shop…but I couldn’t fight furiously because I tried to stay cool like a noblewoman.
I ended up paying all the money with no bad talk.
(I wanted to fight her…)

I burst into tears in an elevator…
I usually don’t suppress my emotion…
My heart was broken as a result of trying to be looked to be cultured.
My nail is sore now. But I’ll do this posting not to miss it forever.

After one touch the nail shows through.
That the coloring is weak doesn’t make sense.
It gives natural coloring because it’s very pure.
The first picture is when I painted twice.
Usually, I paint it three times.

But, I like it painted twice.
For this coloring, you should control the amount well.
If not, you’d better paint it three times.

The color may stand out, so I can’t recommend it to everybody.
But if it’s your style, it’s highly recommendable!
It makes people look fresh.

It’s attractive even in winter, let alone summer.
Just, when in winter, wear clothes with similar color with this, or dress in one color. Well, in summer, it’s just wonderful in any clothes!

Especially, it’s not that thick, or too pastel.
It goes well with any shoes. It’s a fabulous color.
By the way, there are cheaper ones with similar color, no one gives this fabulous feeling as this one. 
They are shiny but the colors are little felt stuffed. 
So I love this one.

Oh, Finally I got this, as a birthday gift!
I was hesitating to ask someone to get it…

The Great Blue Moon who viewed my posting got two of them through her family and asked if I need one.
What a Surprise!!

Bloggers who sent me many gifts…….
Don‘t be sad that I take this one, not taking yours…..

Don’ be so disappointed.
Blue Moon has worked so hard as a director of the internet café..
So it was also to make excuse to buy her a dinner.

I kept it like a treasure until Christmas…and I used it on that day~ 
Oh, my god.
It was so spectacular…

As I told you last time, it has much pearl.
Painting twice doesn’t make precise coloring.
Not for one chance. That’s because it has various color of pearl in transparent manicure.
You might know the transparent part covers parts that pearl doesn’t cover.

Ways to apply nail with huge pearl fast and easily!

1. Lay down the brush as far as you can.
It’s different from general manicure in that it has fur all over the brush.

So you should lay it down to move the manicure to nail.
Standing the brush up takes too much time and you have danger of painting it too thick.

2. After painting twice, paint it partly.

Paint it entirely about twice, and stand the brush up.
Paint it in a feeling of filling the empty spot preferentially.

3. Top coat is an essential one!
You may skip top coat if you are in hurry.
But this huge pearl needs top coating.
Unless, pearl may be torn or the surface might get rough.
It might screw up the winter coat!
When you paint top coat…. if the pearl dries about 80%, push the nail lightly with a thumb, to prevent the pearl to run out.
This huge pearl can screw up stockings, if it floats.
It’s only possible with big hand like mine.
Pushing with hand doesn’t ruin the nail.

After pushing, choose a top coat and paint it carefully.
The pushing mark will be gone.

My boyfriend thinks this color childish…right, it’s really childish. But huge silver pearl made it more luxurious.

Also, it prevents nail from being super-childish.
Although my boyfriend says it is childish but my friends and sisters liked it very much and they reserved a nail care to get this manicure. 

As this color get in stock, my nail shop got full of reservations. 
They might attend a New Years Eve service with this nail, because of overflowing reservation.

Chung Dam Dong Vongo, Italian Tapas restaurant-

I should have tasted various tapas dishes.
I don’t have a great taste, so I can’t recommend one.

Tapas dish in here is for ‘the great eater’ my boyfriend.
There are many foods only available for him.

We took the plain pasta with a crab eggs and risotto.
Ordering dishes enables us to have salad in salad bar…so we didn’t order the salad. 

There are only pure vegetables.

Actually, the price is higher than sum of salad with risotto a pasta, so I don’t think it’s a bargain.

In a bowl, it’s a clam chowder soup.
It’s little salty and it tastes great! Best of all, the before-meal bread is unbelievable.
It’s ink-cheese bread.

I think it’s the best before-meal bread ever.
I wish I could much of it but then I would not be able to have the main dish.
So I ended up with two.

This fantastic ink-cheese bread with cheese is served with the same healthy bean bread in ‘Blooming Garden’.
If you taste the bread for once, you will be panic between two restaurants.
If you want only bread, underground organic bakery in Hyundai department named “Beasly’ is a good one, too.

It also has ink-cheese bread.
The point is, salty roll cheese should be put on outside the bread, not on the inside.

Anyway, after having lunch, visiting Galleria department store for something to buy, I found a new brand-new nail color!
This one reads limited edition… 
I hadn’t heard about it.
Anyway, I tried it on the nail of Blue Moon.

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color 2010 Cruz Collection Riva

It reads to contain opal pearl but it’s hard to find. It’s the attraction of Chanel color…
Let alone eye shadow, for foundation or nail color, the pearl is very hard t find.
But the luxurious expression from the pearl is addictive.
Anyway, contrast to pastel blue which is released like a wave in summer, 
it have its own beauty of luxury.

Most of all, that it’s cooler than warm sky blue is attractive.
This color is more unique in winter, because no one wears it.
I’m tired of dark colors in fall and winter.
Those deep colors are too common with brands and products.
And real-cold pastel tone in winter… those colors looks so attractive.
I fell in love this pale feeling.
I prefer those blue or violet toned pale colors to pink.

The picture is taken after painting twice.
This one paints little bit pure.
I painted three times to Blue Moon…
I think twice is better than three times in that three times is to vivid. If you want to paint it twice, controlling the amount is key… and you have to be used to brushing with Chanel brush.
I guess this color has definite likes and dislikes.


Like I said last time, it’s Mac Nail Lacquer Brush.
It’s the brush surprised me very much.
Mac Nail Lacquer brush vs. limited mini-sized brush

Not only the product but brush got smaller. 
Oh, this is smaller than half the normal one.
You guys might be noticed…this is what it actually is. 
Please take an enough test when you buy this limited Mini Lacquer. 
I got used to this brush because of the already-purchased product.


On lunch time, I was reading this……
But who is the man next to Kim Jung Eun…

Why Song Hae (Korean famous MC) is clapping over there?
Oh, my mistake. It’s not him. I’m sorry.
Please don’t misunderstand.
I respect him
It was funny…that face and gesture… it’s him without doubt. Song Hae doppelganger.


Who cared his eyebrow?
I should invite him as a beauty care model…
It should drag at least 5000 replies (including bad ones)

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