Friday, June 29, 2012

50 advices for young adults

1. Don’t indulge in making boy/girlfriend. 
Be a worshiper who does her/his best in meeting God. That is what real bless is.

2. Don’t be a computer illiterate. Be a computer master. But don’t worship it. 
Control your computer in making it be used for glory of God.

3. Don’t be sad even though others hate you.
Don’t be vain when others like you.
Our purpose is to live a life that exercises influence that is not ignored. Let’s pray for this.

4. Ceramics cannot exist without fire.
Dirt becomes beautiful ceramics when it gets through fire.
Remember that hardships are moments it becomes a beautiful ceramics.
Let’s face them rather than avoid.

5. Don’t pray “I’ll tithe when I earn enough.”
Tithe brings you grace of Lord.
Let’s tithe even when you have a penny.
Only those people can manage bigger grace.

6. Will you feed divine nature or guilty nature?
Let’s be a life that feed divine nature.
Nature revives when fed with prayer and God’s words. Then it kills guilty nature.

7. Did you pray for rain? Bring your umbrella.
Did you pray for grace? Bring your bible.

8. Buy praise tapes. Don’t duplicate them.
Duplicated grace cannot last long. Pay for the cost.

9. Others criticize your prayer? Laugh off them rather than making excuses to them.
Don’t fight them. We are not the ones fight with people.

10. 3 days of church retreat is grace of 3 days. Don’t mistake it as a glory of a year.
Don’t show off your grace. Read words and meditate. With it, we can always be a winner.

11. Buy and read church books to make them bestsellers that surpass general books. 
And borrower cannot be the man. Buy them and write your name on it.

12. School I attend is mission God gave me.
Don’t blame or complain. Praying is what I do.

13. Our purpose is not the first palace.
Believer becomes the best in specific field.
Do you want to be a backup dancer?
Do your best to be a first-class backup dancer in the world
Let’s live a life with passion.

14. What vision did God give you? Be proud of it.
Always pray and get ready.

15. Always keep your shoes clean.
Our feet are messengers of our good news.
The cover should also be clean.

16. Don’t believe in fortune. Don’t believe in destiny.
There is no fortune or destiny in God’s world. There is only providence.
Always ask god’s intention. He answers all questions.

17. Do not miss church worship. Flesh of soul goes away. Soul need to be ample.

18. Do you wait for bargain sale of department store?
Do you run for freebies?
God’s grace is also free. There is no condition.
Run for it. He gives grace that lasts forever.

19. Our goal is not to live, but to die for God.
Don’t struggle to live forever, pray to die for God.
We should live and die for God, not for money.

20. People who don’t bring bible but cell phone.
You cannot receive God’s words through cell phone.
God says with his words.

21. Do not crumple your shoes. Your life will crumple as well

22. You have a crush on someone in retreat.
We come to like someone on worship travel.
Don’t be cheated. It is Satan’s kidding.
If you come to like someone without a prayer, it leads you to corruption.

23. Bring a bible that your name inscribed.
Don’t break up with bible. It’s break up with your faith.

24. Do not be addicted in cigarette. Do not be addicted in alcohol.
 Do not be addicted in computer.
Be addicted in words.

25. We wish to have a Jesus dream.
Let’s bless each other, “good night, have Jesus dreams.”

26. Don’t be dragged in prayer gathering. Lead prayer gathering.

27. Don’t be brother of Joseph who kills dreamers:
 let’s be dreamers who pursue bigger dreams!

28. Don’t drag out others’ flaws.
It’s life of a beggar.

29. Don’t blame others with fingers.
Look at your blaming hand.
One is pointing other and 4 are pointing you.
Unfold fingers and bless others with it.
It becomes a precious hand.

30. You are born to be loved.

Give it when you receive some. It makes you receive more love.

You are born to give love to people.
I believe you are giving it this moment.

31. Show light. Don’t conceal it.
Show you are light. It makes surroundings bright.

32. Let’s buy worship tapes.
Let’s make a history which worship tapes are selling more than Cho Sungmo’s tapes. 
It’s accident of revival.

33. Are you bullied because of your belief? Don’t be sad.
You are separated person for the Lord.

34. Don’t boast your money, smartness, or your pretty face. 
Boast God who worships you.
Everything goes away but God doesn’t.

35. Make a goal for tomorrow to live differently from today. And use your time.

36. Don’t be a man who waits a girl for hours.
It makes you corrupted. Use these hours for prayer.

37. Don’t be attracted by women’s makeup or clothes.
Makeup can conceal everything. Pray after attracted by praying and worshiping woman.
It makes your life prayer.

38. Don’t be attracted by men’s fancy appearance.
Fancy symbols hardship. Pray after attracted by his loyalty to God. 
It makes your life prayer.

39. What is goal of my life?
Speak it out loudly after attaching it on your desk. It shows where you are headed.

40. Prayer is a labor. Work hard and study hard.
That also is prayer Jesus takes. Prayer is a labor.
Do your best in prayer. It has reward.

41. Do you want to be a China missionary? Study Chinese first.
Do you want to be Africa missionary? Study African culture and history first.
Do you want to be God’s person? Please bible.

42. Do you want to brood the world?
Then study the language of the world, English.

43. We are salt of the world. Salt makes flat flavor tasty.
Let’s show the taste of the world. Show it with your face.
Smile, until it feels flat.

44. It is legal for women to transform.
But change of women’s heart is blessing and delight.
Women! Let’s change hearts, not appearance!

45. The one that doesn’t highlight is not color.
Here is the one that highlights and changes the world. It’s belief.

46. There is no new on daily newspaper.
But a book saying same things is new every day.
It’s bible. Let’s renew with reading it.

47. Would you do nothing laughing at people who pray?
Or be a person who kneels down to show the power of prayer?
It’s up to you!

48. We should exercise to train our body.
However, body gets old and dies.
Make soul strong with continuous exercising with words and prayer.

49. Great man dreams? No. Man who dreams is great.
Let’s be a great person who dreams what God gives.

50. Great Joseph is not born great but made through hardships.
Do you want to be great Joseph?
Then welcome and be delighted with hardships.

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