Thursday, July 12, 2012

Beauty shops TONY MOLY and blusher is on sale in Korea

The purchases of makeup was out of its usual pattern
Missha day, innisfree and etc… was out of my experience
However these days
Some of the energetic students made some comments on TONY MOLY which brought me with high interest.
Even though I have everything that is needed....
I used up all the so many eye creams and jell masks and thinking about giving it to some of the people who are close
After spending the time to send my busy sister a well prepared boiled chicken soup to tony moly all I got back in return was an angry phone call.

Tony Moly website was corrupted with so many people
The store was also with filled with so many people
With danger of middle and high school students.
It feels like I’m surrounded only by middle school and high school students in this world....

What have frustrated me was irony sale about Tony Moly
When Misshaday  is 50% discount …. It is actually 50% off.
Even the most popular items is also 30% off
Tony Moly was on sale up to 50%... but there was only few items that was 50% off…  what is happening.?
I was on the phone listing all the items to my sister but in return was just an angry voice.

I was lecturing and it aroused me with fighter’s anger.
What’s up with advertisement mentioning about 50% discount
As a costumer I did not asked for a joke

Driving a car was waste of time, so I asked a flavor to my sister
I was confident, therefore I told my sister to buy as much as u can.
Unfortunately… just 3 gel mask please~
Isn’t there anything that’s on sale?
10% discount …. 20% saving

I just started to go out with my new boyfriend. He will hold my hand but asked if he could save my kisses for another time when he wished. is that the way you like it!?
Ah. I was in a lava being ployed…
What was up with the discount?
The items were not on sale ….. empty handed was not a choice
The only way is to purchase some 10% items
If it was not Tony Moly day  I shouldn’t have gone there

Even the famous brands are not 70% discount 
Myself and the people do not even use the word Discount
From now on I’ll never look at the Tony Moly day
Yet,  lots of people recommend Tony Moly items so..
Was it March 4?
There is still time… 10% discount and 20% saving chance…
As I promised today I will make a quick posting 

These are the products that I am using frequently  
There was a product that I have used recently and this cream is missing. Called (Fresh aqua teardrop-white)
Now I’m using different cream so there is no case in the picture.

1.       Tony Moly prestige crystal lipstick

-As I have introduce some of the colors before other more colors were added so I just went and purchased the product;;;
The lasting in not so good…but able to purchase some of the multicolor that goes well!!!
Recently I purchased the red color lips stick and it wasn't so bad.
Whoever is interested in red color you should go and test it!

         2.       Tony Moly crystal blusher

-Different colors of blusher… and with different variety of useful colors for shading
I am using two different shading colors…
Tony Moly’s colorful blusher is also recommendable …
Not so attracted colors though… but use in different ways

         3.       Tony Moly backstage jell eyeliner

-One of the useful item!!
this is the best within the sami gel eyeliner! 
There are some people doubt about gel eyeliner. 
If you are not confident about eyeliner. This is a decent gel eyeliner to use.  

          4.       Tony Moly intense care snail hydrogel mask   
                Tony Moly expert hydrogel mask-gold peptide      
                Tony Moly expert hydrogel mask – marine collagen

-I’m not saying that gel mask in Tony moly is the best!
I used different types of cheap gel mask
I have used nature republic products^^
I’ll not explain too long because I will make sure to post about some of the gel mask in the future!

           5.       Tony Moly floria use energy eyecream   

I am really sad. This is the reason that I have send my sister.. but this product is out of stock…!
I have called every store and some people say is out of stock or  some say it is temporally out ….;;;
After all it’s not available
This is some of the product that I have used… introduce to lots of people … and have given them as a gift…
This is one of the best and cheapest eye cream ever!!!
It has overcome some of the high qualities of the brand for an eye cream…
Regardless of the house but more importantly I leave it in the dry studio and I frequently use for  retouching  dark circle.
This was a protection for my eye wrinkle .. what should I do..TT
The price was only 15000won
Apparently ingredient was important!
Not so soft, but I use it for my most delicate eye therefore I was not just laughed it off as if it was just a joke.
Also even though it’s just an eye cream..
With heavy reclosed power
In summer I use as an eyecream
During winter…
Unsatisfied with my current moisturizer I walked around in search for something new
If I use this moisture cream as nutrition cream the dryness of the skin will work.
For some people who may not know
During winter supplement will not work with adding moisturizer!!
Dryness needs 'balance' with  moisturizer and supplement

So it was my favorite…
Was it not that popular?
Maybe my students and I were the only one who were purchasing kkk
Unbelievable the product is discontinued….
Should I have introduced little faster…?TT
They were selling an eye cream for fifty won a piece. I wonder who would buy such a thing. I want to interview the guy to see what he is thinking.

Ah. If ten thousand people will do campaign is it possible for the product to relaunch?
Should I be one of them?
I really loved it…
 I truly want to purchase again what should I use now?
And how should I retouch the dark circle?
Is it that I have to search for my new cheap eye cream this weekend?...

Whatever you need to purchase in the internet make your move and in the whole wide world beauty shop of Tony Moly whoever is nearby or fan of Tony Moly buy the entire product as soon as possible!!!

If it is 50% discount make it as 50% discount
Average 30% and 10% will not do
Maximum of 50%..?
Is dirty… don’t even mention as 5o% discount when in fact is not true.

Copy recommended!
Maximum of 50% but mostly 10%
Whoever is going to purchase the items! Call before you come

Wow.. so nice

From now on whoever is going to advertise like this.. Hyung bae choi will not sit quietly.
Your both cheeks will be filled with bruise and be bling bling.
As a result you will end up was lovely squirrel look.

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