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Chance to meet recommended sunscreen 2010/04/23

Event celebrating coincidental breakdown of main computer hard disk,DSLR, and High End digital camera~!

How can this happen~!!! One up in there must hate me...

So I picked up an altemative digital camera. 
Oh it grips fine.
Sometimes this one is useful.

Various information of make-ups and reviews on them were in that Hard disk.
I removed some precious images that went through backup.
Well, I might get over it...

What do you say about pictures taken by my digital camera?
Does it look good? (I'm trying to look fine.)

This one is a sunscreen which I described as a Must-Have Items.
There's not a great use of sample-testing.
Theradom Orga Sunblock SPF30 PA+++ sunblock, checking the reviews might be enough.

This one is not Theradom Moisure Sunblock Organic...SPF number is 50.
This one has cover cream effect of brightening the skin tone.
It's similar to BB cream.

Starting from left
- Cel-Derma anti-wrinkle hydro-gel eye-patch : so-called 'Ha yumi Mask' eye patch
- Red ginseng water clean scalp cleanser.
- Kiehl's White Brightening Botanical Hydrating Mask.
- Go-Woon Chae Hanbang ( Chinese medicine) Treatment pack : Hair pack (not a facial one)

Starting left
- Sisly Phyto-Blanc Buff and Wash Facial jel
- Hera Creamy cleansing foam.
- Summer Is Eve Normal Skin Type : Feminine cleanser
- R.N.D Lab Microdermabrasion Cream : available through dermatology, not available through market

Starting left
- Mikimoto Makeup Sponge
- Amorepacific Live White Melatreatment Fluid 1
- Amorepacific Treatment Cleansing Oil
- Case (Kiehl) containing Aveeno Skinrelief moisturizing Lotion ^^

- Piccasso Brush 219 : eye shadow
- Piccasso Brush 501 : available for applying lip products or concelar.

- Dr.Jart Most Moist Water up Serum 30ml : It's a moisture essence.
  Never used before.
  I threw away the case and the instructions.

- Amorepacific Mist sample (empty case) 
  :  I hesitated to send it because it became so scare.
  But I made up a determination to give it up.
  My brothers used it up and I washed it carefully.
  It's bigger than the last one(30Ml) 
  I'm using the last one(12Ml)
  It's portable and is sprays well.

- Kohgendo face powder

- Shu Uemura Cleansing Beauty Oil Premium A/O
: This one is the one I promised to share in my blog.
  There are cheap and fine oil, so it's also a good way to purchase privately...
  It's sometimes useful to get it free.
  Myself got it as a gift from a friend of mine.
  It's more than sample that Shu Uemura gives.
  This costs $ 6.97

Shu Uemura White Recovery Gentle Brightening Massage jel
- Ryu Huk Yoon Sang Gi(black shine liveliness) JA Yang Yoon Mo (vital shining hair)
  : not a medical one 100Ml

The posted picture is for estimating the size of Mist sample box and cleansing oil.

Sample Requesting is available only for 24 hours from the posting, through replies.
The skin type won't matter unless you have bad-oily skin.
This share includes some cleansing-related products selling in department stores.
In my opinion, it would be good if people who don't use department store's goods due to its price win it.
Experience is a valuable one ♬.

It seems there are some misunderstandings...the winner is only one.
Please don't write address or phone number on the replies.
I'll take them through bulletin board after the announcement.
Don't be frustrated even in case you don't win it.
Soon! ASAP! I'll hold the event once again.
I have finished the setting already.
Coming soon!

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